The Late Movies: Very Public Cellphone Disruptions

Ransom Riggs

It's always embarrassing when your cellphone goes off at the wrong time -- in a class; in a movie theater during a quiet, dramatic scene; in an important meeting. Today's Late Movies look at how people react when cell phones go off in even more embarrassing situations -- while on TV, while talking to the president or even during your own wedding. Get ready for some awkward fun!

At a White House press briefing

When a reporter's cell goes off during a briefing, press secretary Robert Gibbs grabs it and throws it out the door. Then, not 30 seconds later, another phone goes off.

While the president is speaking

Luckily, Obama has a sense of humor.

While giving a stump speech to the NRA

Giuliani actually did this several times during his primary campaign. An accident?

During your own wedding

He's already in the doghouse and he's not even married yet.

During a wedding you are officiating

Now that's embarrassing.

While you're on Larry King Live

At a concert

The singer actually grabs the person's phone and calls the person who made the interrupting call -- and then lets them talk to the audience.

At a healthcare town hall meeting

Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee took a call during a town hall meeting she was running, and got booed. Then she appears on Fox News to try and explain her bad phone etiquette. I can't decide which was dumber.