The Late Movies: Live-Action Shows of the 1970s

Mario Marsicano

Earlier this summer we were treated to a Will Ferrell remake of Land of the Lost, which turned out to be a disappointment to most fans. But the real sadness for me came after watching a few original episodes on the SciFi Channel (sorry, 'SyFy'). Man, I was easily amused as a child. But I did love all those live-action Saturday morning shows. I wonder if any other remakes are in the works.

Could be interesting to have Tim Burton take a crack at H.R. Pufnstuf. Joan Rivers could handle Witchiepoo duties.

The possibilities would be endless for Electra Woman and Dyna Girl. How about Cameron Diaz and Dakota Fanning?

I used to love watching reruns of The Monkees on Saturday mornings. A reality show to find four new band members is a no-brainer for VH1.

I could see Jonah Hill as Sigmund, the Sea Monster. Tracy Morgan is his zany sidekick.

Let's put Michael Bay on the Wonderbug movie. It's all about special effects these days.

Lead singer of the Bugaloos? Amy Winehouse. Takes it to a Tarantino kind of place. If you want to play it a little closer to the original...Zooey Deschanel.

Would you believe Isis never returned even one of my phone calls? Angelina Jolie could take a crack at this one.

And I think Lidsville is ready-made to be a documentary. Michael Moore could expose just how high Sid & Marty Kroft were when they created it.

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