The Late Movies: 7 Songs for 7 Continents

Mark Arminio

While the debate rages on over the appropriate number of planets in our solar system (Revolve in Peace, Pluto), at least we are certain that there are seven continents on Earth, barring of course a reemergence of Atlantis.  For tonight's Late Movies, we're featuring seven songs: one for each land mass on this crazy spinning rock of ours.

North America: LCD Soundsystem - "North American Scum"
This is a live version of a track from their Sound Of Silver album. If you like this song, be sure and check out "All My Friends" from the same record. Fantastic.

South America: Shout Out Louds - "South America"
Yes, I saw it happen! It happened! Calm down...calm down!

Europe: Europe - "The Final Countdown"
As we move to across the Atlantic, Europe is represented by "The Final Countdown," a song that, in my mind, only reaches it full potential when accompanying a GOB Bluth magic show.

Africa: Toto - "Africa"
In the most inevitable song / continent selection ever, Africa is represented tonight by the classic Toto song that I'm sure will not become stuck in your head for the rest of the week.

Asia: Asia - "Heat Of The Moment"
You may not know this but there are actually two incarnations of this band, which has reunited in recent years: Asia and Asia Featuring John Payne. So there's a lot of Asia if you're interested. And I'm sure you are.

Australia: The Shins - "Australia"
A single off their 2008 album Wincing The Night Away, Australia is a catchy track from a great band. This just edges out Men At Work's "Down Under."

Antarctica: The Weakerthans - "Our Retired Explorer (Dines With Michel Foucault In Paris, 1961)"
A great Canadian band, The Weakerthans leave us tonight with a quick, upbeat tune about a penguin teaching French at the south pole. O Antarctica!

What about you guys? Any other songs to represent the continents you would suggest?

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