The $50 Challenge is Back!

Jason English

The latest issue of mental_floss magazine is now on newsstands and nightstands. Now it's time for another edition of The $50 Challenge.

On Wednesday at 3pm Eastern Time, we'll post ten questions straight from the pages of the magazine—stuff you'll need to have the mag in front of you to answer. The first person to submit the correct answers for all 10 questions to wins a $50 gift certificate to the mental_floss store.

What's that? You won't be available to partake in our little contest at 3pm Wednesday? No worries. We'll award free mental_floss t-shirts at random to three other people who submit the correct answers before noon on Thursday.

So if you haven't picked up your copy yet, you still have a couple days. (Here's what to expect.) I'll meet you back here Wednesday at 3!