How Did You Know Daniel Wilson?

David K. Israel

We accidentally lost our winners post from last week, so here's a quick recap:

We're up to 560 fans over on the Hunt's Facebook page! During last month's HDYK, some of our FB posts garnered close to 100 comments as gamers took it upon themselves to trade answers through cryptic clues! And like that, a whole new angle of HDYK is born. Nice going Fans! Keep on using the page in new, and cool ways as the community grows.

Daniel Wilson, our champion from two months ago, reclaimed the title and the big $100 prize with the following winning answers:

Final Answer Einstein died in Princeton, New Jersey.

Day 1 Part 1: In order, the beverages shown are: 1) Gatorade G2 2) V8 3) Coca Cola Zero 4) half and half milk (1/2+1/2=1. Clever.) 5) 2% milk A=beverage 1*beverage 2=2*8=16 B=beverage 3*beverage 4*beverage 5=0*1*2=0 A+B=16+0=16. Part 2: The products are as follows: Marlboro (tobacco) M Esquire (magazine) I Nuggets (sports-Denver NBA team) none Twitter (web site) T Aquafina (beverage) A Lego (toy) none Fender (musical instruments) E Lee (clothing) none Oreo (snack food) R Subway (restaurant) A Starburst (candy) S MITAERAS anagrams to Maserati (automobile). Part 3: The ads are as follows: Thighmaster exerciser Wendy's hamburgers Hot Wheels Scorcher Chamber WHAM-O Super Elastic Bubble Plastic Quaker Oats Life Cereal Anheuser-Busch Budweiser beer Jeep Liberty

Day 2 Part 1: Stephen Colbert mentioned reddit while introducing Movits on his show earlier this year. Part 2: The albums are as follows: Believe, Chemical Brothers Candy-O, The Cars Ego Trippin', Snoop Dogg Under the Pink, Tori Amos Point of Know Return, Kansas Daisies of the Galaxy, The Eels Abbey Road, The Beatles With the Beatles, The Beatles True Blue, Madonna Part 3: The decoded musical acts are as follows: Aerosmith Rihanna Jonas Brothers Good Charlotte Papa Roach ABBA Jordin Sparks Apocalyptica The common bond is that all the acts have performed a song titled "SOS".

Day 3 Part 1: The winners are as follows: May 08 Kevin HOWK Jun 08 Maggie WITTLIN Jul 08 Katie WNUK Aug 08 Chan STEVENS Sep 08 Ken LASKOWSKI Oct 08 Hayley WELLS Nov 08 Nathan RICHARDS Dec 08 Katie RICHIE Feb 09 Natt SUPAB Mar 09 Bridget DRISCOLL Apr 09 Rosalyn LORGUS May 09 Daniel WILSON Jun 09 Neil KONOUCHI Jul 09 Dawn LESTER The remaining letters spell out WHO WON THE FIRST HDYK? The answer is Neil Konouchi. Part 2: The soundbites are: "I wanna make love in this CLUB"--Usher "have your pet SPAYED or neutered"--Bob Barker "shape of my HEART"--Sting The fourth suit in a deck of playing cards are diamonds. Neil Diamond is the answer. Part 3: The encoded names are as follows: 1) Eugene O'Neill 2) Vince Neil 3) Neil Armstrong 4) Neil Young 5) Neil Peart 6) Shaquille O'Neal 7) Neely Harris (first mental_floss editor)

Day 4 Part 1: The two sentences are: No money lost kills Jill in her garden. Find eight diners called Big Al. Reversing this gives us: Al Big called diners eight find garden her in Jill kills lost money no. Removing the first letters: ABcdefghiJklmn Moving the first letter to between the last two: BcdefghiJklmAn Deleting the first ten letters: lmAn Adding the hyphen: l-mAn The things we deleted are letters. These two hints gives us David Letterman. Part 2: The talk show hosts are as follows: Tony Danza Jimmy Fallon Ricki Lake John McEnroe Jenny Jones Arsenio Hall Part 3: The personalities are as follows: E/LL/END/EG/ENE/RES Ellen DeGeneres M/EGA/NM/UL/LAL/LY Megan Mullaly G/REG/BE/HRE/NDT Greg Behrendt P/ATS/AJ/AK Pat Sajak C/AR/OLI/NER/HEA Caroline Rhea M/AUR/YP/OV/ICH Maury Povich R/OS/IEO/DO/NN/ELL Rosie O'Donnell R/ACH/AE/LR/AY Rachael Ray O/PR/AHW/INF/REY Oprah Winfrey B/ONN/IE/HU/NT Bonnie Hunt J/ERR/YS/PRI/NG/ER Jerry Springer

Day 5 The snack food from Day 1 is Oreo, first made in 1912. 1+2=3. The beverage solution was 16. 16*3=48. 48 degrees. Walsh says his "Maserati does 185." The FM movie features rock and roll. Rock @ Random is channel 161. 185-161=24. 24 minutes. Variable B=0. 0 seconds. 9 letters ran across the grid. 9 degrees. Phil Donahue began his career in 1959. 59 minutes. Variable B=0. 0 seconds. The street is the Bahnhofplatz, in Ulm. Einstein was born here in 1879 and died in 1955 in Princeton, New Jersey.