The Late Movies: Printer Smashing

Mario Marsicano

Did anyone see Extract this weekend? I'm going this week, and if it's even a quarter as good as Office Space, I'll be happy. I'm a big Mike Judge fan, and his brutally realistic portrayal of the soul-sucking hell that is the office cubicle makes that flick one of my all-time favorites. In honor of that classic, I offer several fans' attempts to duplicate one of the best scenes...smashing the printer. (Might want to turn the volume down a smidge...a little NSFW—but if you're still at work at 10pm, you might want to go outside and film your own version.)

Nice attempt, but I don't remember one of the guys wearing khakis.

You gotta love the guy trying to duplicate Samir's accent.

OK, this is original. One of the guys is like five years old.

Here's another.

This may be my favorite. Very nice work on the heel stomp.

And the original.

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