Introducing Our Special Delivery Care Packages

Jason English

When I went off to college, my aunts Sarah and Laura were both very generous with the care packages. They baked cookies and brownies and included all sorts of not-quite-essentials a poor college student couldn't justify spending money on, like a gigantic box of Swedish Fish.

Next year, they'll both have kids in college, and it's my turn to reciprocate. I don't think any goods baked by me would put a smile on anyone's face, so I'm happy to announce the new mental_floss Special Delivery Care Packages.

If you know someone away from home who could use a little boost, spice up his or her mail-opening experience with our custom care package. Each pizza box is packed with a mental_floss T-shirt (your choice) and the last two issues of the magazine. Plus, it's crammed full of tasty snacks and treats. A nice pick-me-up for homesick students or soldiers or friends who've recently settled in a new city. To place your order, just visit the mental_floss store.