Löopa Gyro Bowl


Kids spill things. It seems like one of the constants of the universe. Or maybe not, now that the revolutionary Löopa Gyro Bowl is available!

When children are old enough to carry things, they revel in the process. Manipulating their own world is a power trip for little kids. I know my daughters went through a period where they were always toting something, and often as many things as they could carry. Every time a toddler gets the chance, they will carry around something to eat. Melinda Shepherd came up with the idea for a gyroscopic bowl after her child spilled Cheerios in the car ...again. Her engineer husband Brad designed a prototype, and Everyday Edisons made it into the finished product. The bowl is weighted, and the hinged loops around it allow the bowl to swivel in three dimensions. Plus they make the bowl look like Saturn with its rings! The outer ring has holes that little hands can fit into, giving the bowl its own handles. The developers make it clear that this bowl is for dry snacks. When anyone calls it a "cereal bowl", that doesn't mean you are safe from milk spills. However, any parent would love to spend less time picking up crushed Frosted Flakes or popcorn that little kids leave in trails behind them. See a video of the bowl in action.

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The Löopa Gyro Bowl is available from Think Geek and Amazon, among other retailers for about $10.