The Late Movies: Great Shots (Tennis & Otherwise)

Mario Marsicano

This year's U.S. Open featured a number of highs and lows, including overzealous fans, unexpected outbursts and a huge upset to cap it all off. But one of the craziest moments for me was the through-the-legs winner Roger Federer hit against Novak Djokovic in the semis. Sure, I've seen the chase-the-lob-hit-it-through-the-legs thing before, but never for a winner, for match point. To honor the hot dog move of the tournament, enjoy a collection of some equally impressive shots.

OK, so maybe I should watch more tennis, because it appears to happen a lot. Check out the Open winner, Juan Martin del Potro.

Definitely never seen this before...Andy Roddick hits one behind his back.

Have to have one Michael shot?

Here's Michael at his day job.

Do you like pool? Do you like dominoes? Well, you'll probably love this.

I don't watch a lot of hockey, but I'm pretty sure most goals are scored when your feet are on the ice.

How about a little Harlem Globetrotters?

The Tiger Woods chip at the 2005 Masters...sponsored by Nike.

...and the Federer shot I was talking about.


And I would be doing a grave disservice to this site if I didn't post at least one clip from my favorite Patrick Swayze flick of all time, Red Dawn, a movie that actually played an instrumental role in the collapse of the Soviet Union. You see, after attending a private screening, Mikhail Gorbachev began to contemplate tearing down the Berlin Wall because American high school students were so tough and intimidating.[Citation Needed]

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