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What Should A.J. Jacobs Write about Next?

David K. Israel

[We're in a dead-tie! So I'm reposting this poll to see if we can get a few people to help us pick between the two contenders, who've both racked up the exact same number of votes! - And be sure to catch A.J. on the Colbert Report tonight at 8:30pm.] More than 180 brilliant ideas were submitted in our Win a Copy of A.J. Jacobs' new book contest . The idea was to help A.J. figure out what kind of experiment he should write about next. We narrowed all the entries to a dozen and let A.J. pick his five favorites. Each reader who submitted one of the below ideas in the poll just won a copy of The Guinea Pig Diaries: My Life as an Experiment. But only one winner can be our grand-prize winner, so have at it! (Remember: one vote per person, please.) And if you missed our interview with A.J., you can check that out right over here.

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