The Late Movies: Jonah Reviews Movies

Chris Higgins

This is adorable and slightly surreal. In the following videos, this kid Jonah, who looks to be about six years old, reviews movies he has enjoyed. I have presented the reviews in the order that I enjoyed them, not the chronological posting order.

The Incredibles

The only movie review Jonah has done without using any words, aside from "Uh...The Incredibles."

Jonah Reviews Movies, Episode Six: The Incredibles from Ben Compton on Vimeo.

Kung Fu Panda

"There's a mantis, which I thought it was a grasshopper. But I's a mantis."

Jonah Reviews Movies, Episode Four: Kung Fu Panda from Ben Compton on Vimeo.


How many stars would you give this movie? "Five. Maybe seven."

Jonah Reviews Movies, Episode Five: Cars from Ben Compton on Vimeo.


Jonah Reviews Movies, Episode Two: WALL"¢E from Ben Compton on Vimeo.


"Even though it's 'PG,' that means there's scary parts. But I think there isn't. I think it's supposed to be rated 'G' scary parts."

Jonah Reviews Movies, Episode Three: Bolt from Ben Compton on Vimeo.

Alvin and the Chipmunks

Jonah Reviews Movies, Episode One: Alvin And The Chipmunks from Ben Compton on Vimeo.