The Late Movies: Windows 7 Parties (And Other Awful Infomercials)

Mark Arminio

The latest OS offering from Microsoft is Windows 7 and the company has been running a mad media blitz, with a slew of commercials showing its ease of use.  However, I came across a gem the other day—a YouTube infomercial showing how you (yes, YOU) could host a Windows 7 party in your very own home!  It's like a Tupperware™ party for the Millennial Generation!

Therefore, for tonight's Late Movies, here's that plus a few more examples of awkward and awesome infomercials.

"In a lot of ways, you're just throwing a party with Windows 7 as the honored guest." It's hard to stomach the thought of being trapped at a party with this group, but I imagine there would be a lot of Nickelback played.

Hairagami, the art of folding hair! I think I remember these commercials airing during Small Wonder.

I Love My Flowbee! When you're afraid going to Supercuts is too expensive and time consuming.

The Magic Bullet: Perfect for a hangover-curing smoothie.

The Snuggie: For when a blanket is just too cumbersome.

And we'll end with the late, great Billy Mays with an infomercial for Orange Glo. Enjoy!

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