The Late Movies: Tourism Ads Gone Wrong

Ransom Riggs

Some of these are parodies, and some are for real -- see if you can tell the difference!


Excerpts from this homemade ad were featured in Michael Moore's new movie Capitalism: A Love Story.

I like the "second attempt" more:

Have a crappie time in Missouri

Apparently, Missouri is the crappie fishing capitol of the world. At one point, the announcer actually says "crappie destinations are everywhere in our state!"

Swiss mountain cleaning

You'll love Switzerland -- it's one of the cleanest vacations destinations in the world. They even scrub the bird poop off their mountains!

The Salton Sea

Fifty years ago, the Salton Sea Yacht Club was a destination for pleasure-seeking tourists from all over the state of California.

Today, it is a scary abandoned craphole. (Check out my photo essay on the Salton Sea to find out what happened.)

Where the bloody Hell are you?

This Australian tourism ad was banned in Britain.

So where the bloody Hell are you (New Zealand version)

A humorous parody of the Australian ad. "We've cleaned most of the urine out of the pool!"

Invade New Zealand

The Aussies got back at the Kiwis with this parody of their "100% New Zealand" tourism spots.

No wonder they call it the Holy Land

This racy (but real) promo for tourism to Israel contains a few naughty words!

Banned Danish tourism ad

This caused a bit of an uproar when it came out last month. I could only find this version as reported by Fox News -- sorry! They seemed to have pulled the original.