Special Frontline Preview: "Obama's War"

Chris Higgins

Longtime readers will know that I'm a fan of great documentaries, and the PBS series Frontline is among the best televised documentary content in the world. I just got a heads-up that their new season starts on October 13 with an episode called "Obama's War," about the situation in Afghanistan -- sometimes called "the good war" (in comparison to Iraq) or, now, "Obama's War."

As a special preview, Frontline producers have released the initial 24 minutes of the documentary, online-only, for a limited time. The footage is intense, showing the Marines on the ground in Afghanistan under heavy fire from the Taliban. Have you wondered what the war in Afghanistan looks like? If so, have a look at this footage.

You can check it out here (WARNING: some graphic scenes of violence, and plenty of f-bombs dropped during combat):

There's a little more material on Frontline's "Obama's War" site. See also: Documentaries I Like: Frontline, which includes links to full programs online.