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Friday Happy Hour: What Celebrity Do You Resemble?

Jason English

1. Two times when I was a kid—once at a restaurant called The Boathouse in Sarasota, Florida—my dad was mistaken for Tom Hanks. Or at least he was mistaken for someone who looked a lot like Tom Hanks during the Big era. (The two have made wildly different hairstyle choices since the late-1980s, so the resemblance has faded.) The only famous person I've been told I look like is former St. Louis Rams coach Mike Martz, who is 28 years my senior. Though I did play a convincing Skipper one Halloween during my heavier just-after-college days. Who's your famous doppelganger?

2. A family friend always makes a huge fuss at restaurants when Pepsi isn't available. ("You can't find me a can of Pepsi back there?" he's asked in my company at least a dozen times.) I understand people have a cola preference, but it's unlikely the waiter was consulted on the restaurant's choice of beverage distributor. Do you know someone who has a restaurant quirk that drives you crazy?

3. Looks like the Olympics aren't coming to Chicago any time soon. Let's pretend you've been appointed International Events Coordinator for the place you're living now. What event or festival would be perfect for your town or city? (If one doesn't exist, invent it.)

4. My wife, daughter and I are heading to an apple farm tomorrow, where we'll load up on apples and cider and homemade cinnamon donuts. We've been going to this place for years, and it really doesn't feel like fall until we do. What's something you do every autumn?

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