The Late Movies: Angel vs. Devil

Mario Marsicano

You're in an all-day brainstorm session, coming up with ideas for a new spokesman for your client's product. A famous sports figure, trendy reality star, cartoon panda...who could it be? And then it dawns on you—let's do the Angel vs. Devil thing. No one's done that in a while. Have they?

John Hodgman always seemed a little devilish to me.

What would The Devil like on his bacon double cheeseburger?

Using chocolate to do a little tempting sounds like a good idea.

Vegas seems like a natural.

Even local used car salesmen know it's a good idea.

Here's an old ad for Kit Kat.

At the very end, you realize Bruce Willis is really dead. I mean, the guy with the Coke is really The Devil.

And the winning spot in a student film competition has Jesus beating The Devil in a Scrabble competition.

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