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Your Most Memorable Field Trip

Jason English

Today my wife and I are celebrating our five-year anniversary. I'm taking a half day, so half these questions are new and the other half I've asked before.

1. Growing up in North Jersey, we had our share of memorable field trips—The Land of Make Believe, Turtle Back Zoo, Waterloo Village, Hershey Park, and various museums in New York—but my clearest memory is about a trip that wasn't taken. After the bombing of Pan-Am Flight 103, our scheduled field trip to Newark Airport was canceled. When a classmate asked our teacher what one thing had to do with the other, she said, "You might get kidnapped by terrorists." It's a wonder any of us ever flew again. What was your best, worst or most memorable field trip?

2. In honor of my anniversary, what were you doing (roughly) five years ago today? Ten years ago? Fifteen?

3. Earlier this year, I posted a round-up of unbelievable high school mascots. We might follow that up with a list of schools named after controversial people (or people you wouldn't expect to have a school named in their honor). Would any schools in your area qualify?

4. Today's last question comes from reader Missa Haas. She wanted me to ask readers to list their favorite scary books as we head towards Halloween. Her initial suggestion: Justin Evans' A Good and Happy Child. What say you?

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