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Vintage Reading Rainbow: BEES

Chris Higgins

How do beekeepers get honey out of honeycombs? Would you believe it involves a gigantic centrifuge and some 90's rap? (Well, the latter is just edutainment, not technically part of the extraction process.) Anyway, this vintage Reading Rainbow clip explains the process a beekeeper goes through to harvest the honey, then there's a segment with a hilarious rap explaining why bees are important, and finally we see a new beehive being transferred into a new hive box. (That last part is really surprising and fun -- you get to see how beekeepers pack and unpack a bee colony for mailing via US Post.)

Enjoy, and particularly keep an eye out for Levar Burton's bee-related puns (FWIW, apparently the clip in which kids picked out some books has been edited out to fit the YouTube 10-minute time limit):