We Want Your Best (and most embarrassing) Halloween Costume Photos!


Is it just me, or was Halloween way more fun when you were a kid? You could trick-or-treat to your heart's desire (on HALLOWEEN, not the night before "“ pet peeve of mine) while wearing a sweet, mom-made costume (or that plastic mask from the store that you had to have or you would die) and then go home to watch movies that you probably shouldn't have been watching while gorging on far too much candy. It was the best, especially when it was on a Friday or Saturday.
We might not be able to go back and do Halloween the way we used to, but we can at least revisit it - send your favorite (or most embarrassing) costume-of-old to flossypics@gmail.com. If your favorite costume was just a couple of years ago, that's OK too. One of my favorites was last year's Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett getup, but the picture you're looking at is me when I was a tot. Halloween in Iowa can be notoriously cold (I've definitely trick-or-treated in the snow more than once), so my mom wanted me to wear something warm "“ thus, a mouse costume made out of cozy grey flannel. I had a nose and whiskers painted on later.

Watch for a gallery of reader costumes in the coming weeks! Extra points for anyone who submits a Jem costume from the "˜80s"¦ I know there's one out there.