The Late Movies: Music From Unexpected Places

Mark Arminio

Tonight's edition of the Late Movies looks at the unexpected. Below are a series of clips that feature music in fun and unexpected ways, from a kid who kills on the accordion to a single shot music video.

Here's an interesting social experiment. Want to make people use the stairs? Turn them into a piano!

The Strange Voca People. They're like a barbershop quartet on steroids. You'd swear they used instruments, but it's all pure vocals.

You may have seen this featured in a Honda commercial. There is a road in Lancaster, California, that plays the William Tell Overture if you drive exactly 55 MPH—but only if you're driving a Honda Civic, since the road was specifically cut for its tires.

The accordion. It's not just for Urkel anymore. This kid absolutely shreds on the squeeze box.

Finally, here are the students at the University of Quebec making an incredible single shot video to the Black Eyed Peas "I've Got A Feeling". Seriously amazing. Enjoy!

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