Tweets of Old


If you're on Twitter, you must follow this awesome Twitter account: TweetsofOld. What is it? Well, it's actual headlines from historical newspapers, posted throughout the day. The headlines are often hilarious and bizarre, and they're tagged with a year and location ("NY1919" means New York, 1919). For example:

Here are a few more recent favorites:

Giants take 2-game lead over Phillies despite Hogg's impressive hurling. (NY1919) Frye calculates that he has eaten, in 39 years, pies equivalent to a strip 18 inches wide extending 27 miles. KS1908 Ducks belonging to Sam Hodgson froze to death from the inside by devouring hailstones they mistook for food.CO1905 The pet mongoose of 1st Officer O'Brien, killed every rat on board the ship. (NY1911)

I mean, come on. This is historical gold. Go follow TweetsofOld now, and get ready for fun treats...I mean tweets.

(Via Carl Alviani, finder of awesome things on the web.)