Cheeming Boey: Styrofoam Cup King

David K. Israel

Cheeming Boey likes to draw, both at his computer, working as a computer game designer and animator out of Newport Beach, CA, and on foam cups. As the Orange Country Register recently put it: "Styrofoam, or, rather, the foam products most people refer to as Styrofoam, gets a bad rap: It's cheap. Disposable. Never degrades. The coffee cup you toss away today will still be polluting some ocean or landfill after your grandchildren die.

"About the only time it makes the news is when some city bans its use "“ as more than 20 California cities have done. Or when some art auction sells a foam cup with a dead ladybug in it for $29,900 "“ as happened in 2001. All of which makes the simple, 4-cent cup the epitome of pop art. It's at once kitschy and unhip and dismissed by all. Yet it can be a demanding medium to master. It's curved. It smudges. You can't redo mistakes. And every drawing must re-connect to its start."

Master it, Boey has. His cups are such a hit, they sell for more than $200 a piece. Check out some of our favorites here, but for more great photos of his cups, take a stroll over to and drink it all in.

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