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Beautiful, Colorful Deserts

Jill Harness

Most people associate the desert with sandy hues and barren lands. In reality though, deserts come in a variety of colors and are laden with an array of specially evolved plants and animals. Environmental graffiti has a great post of stunning desert images from all over the world.

Contrary to many people's beliefs, deserts are subject to all types of weather, even snow, as evidenced above. This picture was taken in Antelope Valley, California, a beautiful natural setting located near the Mojave Desert. The other images on the post are also excellent, including the one of the Central Desert in Iran, a whole country commonly imagined to be little more than a sand pit. Interestingly, Tabas, an area near the Central Desert, has one of the oldest public gardens in the world—the Bagh-e-golshan is over 300 years old.