The Late Movies: Improv Everywhere

Mark Arminio

Improv Everywhere is a collection of artists who stage scenes in public places. For tonight's Late Movies, here are a few favorites.

Their latest effort is called Grocery Store Musical, featuring six undercover actors who sing a lovely song about fruits and vegetables mixing together.

Improv Everywhere grabbed 50 people with red hair to protest Wendy's inaccurate depiction of their kind.

In this clip, 80 people dressed like Best Buy employees, then headed into the store. (Not much happens.)

Here is a musical clip from a food court in Los Angeles.

This video, called Human Mirror, involved sets of twins who ride the subway sitting across from their sibling in order to see how long it takes the other passengers to notice.

Here, the group gets 207 volunteers to freeze in place for five minutes in Grand Central Station, then start moving again in unison.

Finally, the group got together at a Little League game and turned it into a major event...complete with cheering sections, sideline reporters and the Goodyear Blimp!

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