Klinginem - Rapping Eminem Songs in Klingon (Seriously)


So here's a guy who goes by the name Klinginem, rapping the Eminem jam "Without Me" in Klingon (I'm sorry, tlhIngan Hol for you native speakers). This is possibly the nerdiest thing I've seen all year. The one thing I'll say for it is that it handily demonstrates that the Klingon language is indeed fully-developed...once you can rap in a language, it's legit. Enjoy the video, including lots of performance shots of Klinginem and his crew. (I would post the Klingon word for 'crew' but all the online translation sites I could find are on the fritz at the moment.)

(Via Blogtown PDX).

Note: updated spelling of the rapper's name per commenter Andrew's suggestion. No need to bring out the bat'leth here.