The Late Movies: Awesome Halloween Costumes


October 31st is right around the corner, a night of wild indulgence and make believe. In honor of Halloween, tonight's Late Movies look at some amazing, creative and downright dorky Halloween costumes.

For the nerd in all of us, here are two guys dressed as fully functioning iPhones.

In this clip, a fan of Transformers has made a fully functioning version of Bumblebee.

Not sure why the creepy music plays on this one, but here is a hilarious shot of a sanitation worker carrying an in-use port-a-potty.

TETRIS! A group made a series of different blocks from that classic video game.

Finally tonight, for all the fans out there of the canceled series Firefly, here's a clip of Nathan Fillion from Castle dressing up as his character from Firefly. Classic.

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