Mini HoverDrone

Miss Cellania

Every now and then I run across a toy that's not exactly an earth-shattering technological breakthrough, but looks like so much fun that I immediately want one. That would be the Mini HoverDrone from the playful minds at Think Geek. They call it the smallest flying remote control device they've seen. Only 60 millimeters wide and 65 millimeters tall, that's a little over two inches. It will easily fit in your palm, but you won't lose it because of the flashing LEDs. In action, the Mini HoverDrone looks like a cross between a movie UFO and a shuttlecock. With a little imagination, it could be an alien invasion, a nano-robot, or Tinkerbell herself. Without any imagination at all, it's just cool.

Oh yeah, my cats would have a great time with this. Kids would enjoy it, too. But of course Think Geek was thinking about grown-ups kids like themselves when they came up with this. They suggest you get several and fly them all together in a swarm. That conjures up images of a real-life Space Invaders game. The remote can control two drones at once. Requires 6 AA batteries. I can think of three or four people in my family who would love to get a Mini HoverDrone for Christmas. Including myself. $19.99 at Think Geek.

(via Coolest Gadgets)