Win some free downloads at Wolfgang's Vault!

David K. Israel

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about and promised you a chance to win a couple free downloads. Well, that day has arrived: Today marks the big moment as WV has just made 1,000 more concerts available for legal download. (Massive cheering and lighter lighting a la "Freebird").

So how do you win? Easy... sort of. One of my favorite artists now available in the Vault is Billy Joel. So, we're plugging our "We Didn't Start the Fire" quiz into this post, to help get you in the Billy Joel mood.

Go take it right here. When you're done, email us and tell us which answer we've switch around. That is to say, one of the quiz answers is temporarily incorrect (don't worry Joel fans! we'll switch it back in a couple days...) Identify the correct answer on the incorrect answer and e-mail it to us at

We'll randomly select two winners and send you your free download codes. That's it!