The Late Movies: Show Your Inner Geek

Mark Arminio

I'll readily admit that I've been called a geek from time to time. Geeks are innovators and we will one day rule the world. Don't believe me? Take a look at these clips of people showing off their inner geek. Tell me there isn't a future president somewhere in these clips.

Here's a contraption that will unlock a door once someone provides a secret knock. Really convenient if you forget your keys or if you want to construct the best clubhouse ever.

In the wake of Halloween, here's someone who strapped on a full-sized bat costume to travel the streets (and subways) looking to spook people.

For another Halloween clip, here's a college professor with a fun video / live action demonstration for his class.

Forget your corkscrew? This fine French gentleman will teach you how to open a bottle of wine using only your shoe. Geek ingenuity at its finest.

There's geek. Then there's trick shot bowling geek.

Borderline misogyny aside, here's a crew that launches anvils into the air using black powder. Really.

Finally, while geeks are often seen as shunning any type of physical exercise, here's a soccer team using their unique skills to play a giant version of Guitar Hero. Enjoy!

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