The Late Movies: Here Come the Pixies

Ransom Riggs

It has lately come to my attention that some very smart people I know -- who otherwise have great taste in music and art and all things cultural -- don't know who the Pixies are. If this is the case with any of our readers, I'm going to fix that today. The Pixies are revered as the indie rockers who started it all, so influential that Kurt Cobain once famously called Nevermind his attempt to "rip off the Pixies." It's also the 20th anniversary of the Pixies' breakthrough album, Doolittle, and I was lucky enough last week to see them perform it live, in order, first track to last. It was such a great time, I thought I'd try and replicate the experience a little bit right here on the blog. Ladies, and gentlemen -- this is Dootlittle.



"Wave of Mutilation"

This was from the concert on the night that I saw it, shot by someone who had a much better place to stand than I did.

"I Bleed"

"Here Comes Your Man"

Frontman Frank Black wrote this song when he was fifteen years old. FIFTEEN.


"Monkey Gone to Heaven"

Classic, classic, classic.

"Mr. Grieves"

And here's TV on the Radio doing a really interesting a capella cover of "Mr. Grieves."

"Crackity Jones"

A song about a crazy Puerto Rican roommate Frank Black once had.

"La La Love You"

The only Pixies song sung by drummer David Lovering.

"No. 13 Baby"

"There Goes My Gun"



This song and "Gigantic" were the only ones in the Pixies catalog penned by bassist Kim Deal.

"Gouge Away"