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Tuesday Turnip

David K. Israel

In case you're not familiar with the Turnip, it's a whimsical Google search, wherein I type a random phrase and we see what kind of interesting pages "turn-up." As always with this feature, the _floss is not responsible for accuracy. If you know one of the below statements/links to be untrue, by all means, let the world know in the comments below.

Today I typed "the fastest" into Google, unearthing the following:

Turnip #1 15 U.S. states with the fastest broadband Internet speeds: Delaware residents now enjoy the nation's fastest broadband at 9.9 Mbs, nearly twice the national average -- and up more than 5 Mpbs since 2007. At the lower end of the speed range, sparsely inhabited states such as Idaho, Alaska and Montana were well below the national average, clocking in around 2.5 Mbps. Average speed for the nation -- about 5 megabits per second. That's a quarter of South Korea's 20.4 Mbps, and about a third of Japan's 15.8 Mbps.

Turnip #2 The Fastest Solar Car on the Planet: In the most recent World Solar Challenge, a Japanese team upset the former 4-time Dutch champs to win the 1,864-mile solar car race across Australia.The Tokai Challenger completed the journey in 29 hours and 49 minutes despite a flat tire — that's an average speed of about 63mph.

Turnip #3 At the Beijing Olympics,[Usain Bolt] became the first man to run the 100 meter dash in under 9.7 seconds.

Turnip #4 New Orleans: Fastest growing city in the U.S. Annual census report highlights Big Easy's big charge back since Katrina. Small cities in Texas, North Carolina and Arizona are right behind it.

Turnip #5 According to a Nielsen report this week, Microsoft's new Bing search engine is growing faster than any of its search competitors in the top 10.

Turnip #6 Speed of the Fastest Tennis Ball Big Bill Tilden, in 1931, was credited with 163.3 mph 262.8 km/h. Lester Stoefen, American also, was credited with 131 mph 211 km/h in the 1930s. In the post-war game Jack Kramer was accorded 110 mph 177 km/h and Richard Gonzales 112 mph 180 km/h.

Turnip #7 The fastest human powered bike world record was set in Oct, 2002 at 81 mph ( 130km/h) by Sam Whittingham from Canada.