I have been playing a lot of Bookworm lately. Like, a lot of Bookworm. I run down my cell phone battery playing Bookworm. It's kind of a sick addiction. In case you haven't played, it's sort of like Scrabble with no letter limit and a sense of urgency. You have to spell things out with tiles pre-arranged on a board, and sometimes you get flaming tiles that will end the game for you if you don't use them fast enough. The problem? Bookworm dumbs down "Q." Instead of giving you just the letter Q, it gives you a tile marked "Qu." Sure, that's because in the English language, most letter Qs are immediately trailed by a U, but not always. Here are 10 exceptions to the Q-U rule. Memorize them! They may help you on Jeopardy! or in Scrabble.

bookworm1. Bathqol. If you make a divine revelation "“ and you do it out loud - that's a bathqol.
2. Coq -Cock feathers on a woman's hat.
3. Qiana. This one is tricky, because it used to be a trademarked name, which isn't allowed in Scrabble. But it's one of those trademarked words that have become so commonly used that the trademark got overridden. The rights used to be held by DuPont because it is a type of nylon they created, but these days, it's fair game for anyone.
4. Qanun - a type of harp.
5. Qawwal "“ a person who practices qawwali music.
6. Qintar or qindar "“ a type of Albanian money.
7. Qiviut "“ the wool of a musk-ox.
8. Qwerty - seriously. It refers to the keyboard layout that includes that sequence of letters.
9. Umiaq - a type of open boat.
10. Qat "“ a type of flowering plant.

Any other examples? I'm always looking to expand my vocabulary!