Another Side of Browns Coach Eric Mangini

Jason English

Because mental_floss has an office outside Cleveland and a couple writers from Ohio, I end up chatting a fair amount about the woeful Browns and their embattled coach, Eric Mangini. (Here's Bud Shaw's recap of the time Mangini fined a player $1,701 for taking a bottle of water from a hotel minibar.)

The 1-7 Browns are making a prime-time appearance against the Baltimore Ravens tonight. If you turn on ESPN, you'll see an angry Mangini stalking the sidelines. But he's not always so bitter. Here's a look back at one of his finest moments from his tenure with the Jets—the time he visited Elmo on Sesame Street:

If you believe the rumors, Coach Dorothy has as good a shot at being the Browns coach next year as Mangini does.

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