The Late Movies: We Love Local Commercials


So here's the deal. There are these two young filmmakers who go by the names Rhett and Link. They love local commercials, and they make them. For free. They go on the road, crisscrossing the country, making awesome local commercials. How can they afford to do this? Through sponsorship (often visible in the web versions of the commercials, and sometimes sponsored items, like Alka Seltzer, visible in shots). Anyway, even though there is sponsorship involved, these are some awesome local commercials. Really. Just watch the first one. If you're like me, you'll be in tears, watching it over and over. After the jump, I give you more sweet, sweet, local commercials.

Cullman Mobile Home Liquidation

"I sell mobile homes. I'm not gonna waste your time, I'm gonna tell it just like it is. These are mobile homes, not mansions. They come in two pieces. If that's what you're lookin' for, that's what I got. They're used. Some of them have stains. We cover that up."

Salt Lake Community College Barbering & Cosmetology School - An Unlicensed Salon

"In this economy, who can afford an expensive haircut, or a four-year degree?" Warning: this is an unlicensed salon. I repeat, an unlicensed salon. But the haircuts are only $2. "Let me give you a haircut. I really need the practice."

Black and White People Furniture - Red House Furniture

"Look at this sofa. It's perfect for a black person, or a white person." "This mattress is perfect for a white person, or a black person."

Ray's Midbell Music

"Band is awesome. Band is the new trend. Band is your best chance for making new friends. ... You may have to go to the Prom alone, but that's a sacrifice worth making to play the sousaphone."

Bobby Denning Furniture, Appliance, Auction, and Realty, and Lawn Equipment and Scooters (and Auto Sales)

"I want you to understand the bigness of our store." (70,000 square feet.) "We own approximately 80% of this facility. Everything except the Chinese restaurant and the coin laundry."

Pat vs. Geno's: Philly Cheesesteak War

Clearly very sponsored by Alka Seltzer, but still funny. "I like the orangeness of the restaurant. It makes me feel at home." "Your home is orange?" "Well...yeah."

Check out the I Love Local Commercials site to nominate a business to get a free local commercial. See also: their YouTube channel.