Laptop Steering Wheel Desk


Isn't this remarkable? The Laptop Steering Wheel Desk is a little tabletop you can attach to your vehicle's steering wheel  that gives you a level space to do anything you might need a level space for.  And what would you do with a level space in your car? The 266 customer reviews for the Laptop Steering Wheel Desk at Amazon give us plenty of ideas.

I use it as a "mini-bar" when the friends and I go out to the bars. I can quickly fix multiple shots of tequila for myself and the friends as we drive from one bar to the next. I am a Pathologist in Riverside County California and the Laptop Steering Wheel Desk has changed my life. I used to spend long hours in the autopsy room and had too much time away from my family. With this new tool I am able to dissect the organs of a patient during my commute home. As a part time pilot, I can't wait to hook one of these up to my Cessna. Long flights through congested airspace can be really dull, but I know that's about to change. Can't wait to play "Ace Combat 5" at 10,000 feet! As a part time dealer, I use the Laptop Steering Wheel Desk to score coke and cook meth while on the way to visit my clients, cutting down on the expense of a double-wide trailer lab and the need to hire a runner.

Just about all of the reviews follow the same vein. Save time by only reading the ones rated four stars or more. Or you can just skip ahead to the customer images. Here's a typical submission.

Which is all good for a laugh. Really, who could look at this product and think of anything else? I was going to share the glee with my new husband, who drove a big rig for years. He took one look at the Laptop Steering Wheel desk and said, "Oh, I know lots of guys who have those. They're real handy."

See, truck drivers pretty much live in their vehicles. When you're a thousand miles from home, spending the night in a rest area, anything that makes life easier is a treasure. First, pull out the laptop and notify your dispatcher of your progress. Then you email your wife. Jot down those things you saw that day and want to remember -you know, for that book you're going to write someday. Then you catch your log books up. Then have a snack and wind down enough for a few hours of sleep. Pretty soon, it's time to pull out your thermos and pour a mug on your level desk, check your email for any urgent messages, and then disconnect the desk and go.

What's funny is that you'd expect the Amazon page to have a big red banner saying, "Only for use while parked!" But all it has is a line buried in the description that says, "For safety reasons, never use this product while driving." While the product may be useful to people who work in their vehicles all day -real estate agents, inspectors, salesmen, delivery drivers, and of course long-distance truckers, it's also a source of self-righteous giggles for the rest of us.