Some of you might recall my post, The 13 Types of Friends on Facebook, and, more specifically, category C, The Groupie, which I described as the friend who has joined more groups than Marcia Brady did that one year in high school when she was overcommitted and frazzled.

One thing that encourages those Groupies is the outright overwhelming number of pages one can Fan on Facebook. Here are 12 of the more curious ones I've stumbled upon recently. By all means, if you have a favorite I've left off the list, drop it in the comments below.

1. Arm Hair is Cool

Picture 25Members: 13
"The point of the AHIC is to show girls that you don't HAVE TO shave your arms. It's way too unnatural! Besides, it's better to have hair instead of stubble on your arms!"

2. God Fan Page

Picture 3Members: 2,999,975
"God has no recent posts."

3. Mr. Ed

Picture 21 Members: 394
[Er, ed. note: Not surprising entirely that there's a Fan page for the world's most famous talking horse. But with close to 400 members, you'd think there'd be SOMETHING on the page. Other than a couple photos, it's stark naked.]

4. Ingrown Toenails

Picture 12Members: 212
[ed. note: It's unclear whether the 212 Fans of this page like getting ingrown toenails, or take comfort in the fact that 211 others are suffering from them too.]

5. I Take Pictures of Myself Wearing Giant Shades Because they Rule!

Picture 26Members: 59
[Warning: some foul language on this page, but really just a collection of photos. ]

6. OJ Simpson

Picture 20Members: 159
"OJ is the greatest American hero" [ed. note: um, okay that could definitely be debated]

7. Adults who can't seem to grow up

Picture 18Members: 210
"This group is for seemingly normal adults who can't stop: Watching Cartoons, Playing Video Games, Daydreaming, Laughing at flatulence [sic], Punching people, Laughing inappropriately when misfortune strikes others (especially friends)"

8. contact lense [sic] wearers are cool!

Picture 17Members: 30
"For those of you with no eye defect this will seem strange. Compared to glasses these little round things are amazing :-)" [ed. note: apparently contacts have just made their way to the Czech Republic]

9. Men in Kilts

Picture 14Members 2,066
"Men wearing kilts and having awesome Scottish accents, preferably also speaking Lowland Scots and Scots Gaelic."

10. I hate how EVERYTHING has a "fan" page

Picture 6Members: 110
"for everyone who hates how everything has its own fan page, become a fan of this page."

11. Windows 98 Fan Page

Picture 23 Members: 14
[ed. note: "˜Nuf said?]

12. Disney Gave Me Unrealistic Expectations About Love

Picture 24Members: 128,896
[ed. note: Guess who is member no. 128,897? Damn you Disney!!!]