The Late Movies: Thanksgiving Dinner Conversation Topics

Mark Arminio

Looking to spice up your holiday conversations? Here are a few clips that should help you impress your dinner mates this Thanksgiving.

Want to impress your family and friends? Tell them about a new type of concrete that will prevent cracking by using bacteria. That's right, bio-concrete. It's alive.

When Aldous Huxley wrote his classic novel A Brave New World, he dreamed of a future where each family owned a helicopter as a primary mode of transportation. Well, science is getting closer in this clip of a personal helicopter. Now if only they could fit a collapsible version in a fedora.

If you really want to get the conversation started, ask someone to bet that you can't create a tornado inside a bubble. In this clip, you see that it's completely possible.

To our male someone complaining you took the week off from shaving your face? Tell them it could be worse. This guy's beard has a door. A real, working door.

Finally, tonight we leave you with the prayer scene from Talladega Nights. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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