The Late Movies: TV Shows Cancelled After Just One Episode


Sure, TV is a tough business -- but having the show you've slaved over for the better part of a year canceled by executives after just one episode? Heartbreaking! Until, that is, you start to look at just what shows have been subjected to this kind of premature death. You'll wonder how they ever got approved in the first place!

Heil, Honey, I'm Home!

A domestic family sitcom about Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun. Whaddaya mean it's not funny?! Part I is below, and part II is here.

Osbournes: Reloaded

An ill-fated variety show starring Ozzy Osbourne and his fantastically messed-up family! The first thing they do in the first episode? Pick two random strangers from the audience and force them to make out on live TV! Almost makes me miss that Hitler sitcom.


The MySpace-produced show which proved that just because something's popular on the internet doesn't mean millions of people will tune in to watch the same stuff on network TV. Or even thousands of people.

The Rich List

I couldn't find a clip of the quickly-canceled US version, but this Aussie version is essentially the same program. It's a game show with a simple premise: complete the list and get rich! (Lists of things like "name the James Bond films.") We here at Mental_floss are big fans of lists, so we were sorry to see it go into that TV lineup in the sky.

South of Sunset

A 1993 detective show starring Glen Frey of the Eagles.

Viva Laughlin!

This 2007 musical-dramedy set in the casinos of Laughlin, Nevada was produced by and starred Hugh Jackman. I guess it reminded people of Cop Rock or something, because it didn't last long.


A comedy-reality series about Lauren Jones, a model turned anchorwoman. This promo certainly doesn't leave me begging for more -- which is, apparently, how most viewers felt about the first episode.

Rosie Live

Rosie O'Donnell's ill-fated variety show. It's never a good sign when your opening number -- a song-and-dance duet with Rosie and Liza Minelli -- is this big a clunker.