How Did You Know, Kris & Ryan Kelly?!

David K. Israel
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First a little update: We're now over 700 fans over on the Hunt's Facebook page! Gamers are taking it upon themselves to trade answers through cryptic clues! Nice going Fans! Keep on using the page in new, and cool ways as the community grows.

More importantly, despite it being a slow week, what with the food orgy known as Thanksgiving and all, we still managed to get dozens of submissions with all the correct answers. And you all will be entered into the drawing to win this month's Vado HD cam, courtesy of our sponsors. Likewise, anyone who submitted any answer at all is eligible for the free premium subscription on In fact, just as I'm typing this, I see another set of answers coming in, some 24 hours later.

But enough chatter. On with the winners!

This month's first-place winner is the team of Kris and Ryan Kelly, who edged out a couple others who nearly had all the answers correct. Great work Kris and Ryan! We'll post all their work after the jump, but first a little bit about them: My husband Ryan and I live Philadelphia with our 15 month old son, whose bedtime of 7:30 gives us just enough time to make it to the final day of HDYK! The whole HDYK process is a huge team effort between the both of us, especially on the final day when it seems like two computers are key. I'm the bigger puzzle nerd and regular reader of mental floss "“ I typically handle the crosswords/jumbles/codes etc. Ryan is good at internet research and has lots of the music knowledge that so often comes up. Those song mashups would be impossible for just me alone. When we have spare time aside from our toddler, we're a game family "“ we have tons of board games around and a season pass on the Tivo to Jeopardy. We've come close to winning a couple of times in the past, so this is so exciting for us to have won! I'd have fun just figuring everything out and finishing, but winning is great too! I really want to thank the other Facebook users - the clues the community gives out have been invaluable to us in the past. This was the first time that we had something that other people didn't (song number 1), and it was great to be able to leave a clue and help out others. We'll be back for the next one. Thanks for a great hunt!

Final Answer The new mental_floss store is located at 8051 Mayfield Rd, Chesterland OH

Day 1 Part 1: Crossword Puzzle Across 1: MRED 5: HIP 8: CAP 11: LISA 12: OVA 13: ASS 14: BOLT 15: BELUSHI 17: ECO 19: ART 20: STASH 23: CUSACK 26: CAN 27: III 29: AWOL 30: ALAS 32: AGE 34: ALA 35: MCCAIN 37: HAYDN 39: OWN 40: ESC 41: KENNEDY 44: HISS 48: END 49: ROE 50: ONTO 51: YEA 52: TED 53: ONLY Down 1: MLB 2: RIO 3: ESL 4: DATES 5: HOBO 6: IVE 7: PALAU 8: CASTAWAY 9: ASH 10: PSI 16: URSA 18: CHI 20: SCAM 21: TALC 22: ANACONDA 23: CIG 24: COLD 25: KLAN 28: IAN 31: SAWN 33: EHS 36: INERT 38: ACHOO 40: EYED 41: KEY 42: ENE 43: DOE 45: INN 46: STL 47: SOY The shaded letters spell Mile High City, indicating John Denver. In case it comes up, also mentioned in this puzzle were John Belushi, John Cusack, John McCain, and John Kennedy. Entering Denver gets us to: Part 2, Rebus: The pictures are: Row 1: Rather; Graph; Hen; Space; Home; Yuck Row 2: Cow; King; Call; Back; Lips; Luke; Bee Row 3: Boy; Auto; Fore; Hide; Mug; Sew This gives us the 5 John Denver songs as follows: 1. Calypso "“ Call + Lips + Sew 2. Autograph "“ Auto + Graph 3. Back Home Again "“ Back + Home + Mug + Hen 4. Looking for Space "“ Luke + King + Fore + Space 5. I'd Rather be a Cowboy "“ Hide + Rather + Bee + Yuck + Cow + Boy The shaded letters, STBNKEIEC can be unscrambled to get John Steinbeck

Day 2 Part 1, Cartoon Dogs: Down the left side they are: Pluto Droopy Dog Scooby Doo Down the Right side: Huckleberry Hound Brian Griffin Dino Flintstone Underdog Entering the first letters of the seven dogs, bddhpsu gets us to the next level Part 2, text decoding: 232453 = Beagle 265543 = Collie 527743 = Lassie 627539 = Marley 766679 = Snoopy 233846836 = Beethoven 244482482 = Chihuahua 627623853 = Marmaduke 47328 3263 = Great Dane 8465372355 = Tinkerbell 746 846 846 = Rin Tin Tin 78. 2376273 = St. Bernard 437626 74374373 = German Shepherd 52272367 738743837 = Labrador Retriever The pairs are: Snoopy is a Beagle; Lassie is a Collie; Marley is a Labrador Retriever; Beethoven is a St Bernard; Marmaduke is a Great Dane; Tinkerbell is a Chuhuahua; and Rin Tin Tin is a German Shepherd.

Day 3 Part 1, baby name photo mashup: The photos are: 1: Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell 2: Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson 3. Nicole Ritchie and Joel Madden 4. Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow 5. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban 6. Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rosdale A. Apple B. Sparrow C. Sunday (Sundae) D. Charlie E. Bronx F. Zuma The pairs to advance us to the next level are: 1D2E3B4A5C6F Part 2, song mashup: 1. Between the Bars by Elliott Smith 2. Baby Come Back by Player 3. Disco Inferno by The Trammps 4. Borderline by Madonna 5. Loser by Beck 6. "¦Baby One more Time by Britney Spears 7. Californication by Red Hot Chili Peppers 8. Baby, You're a Rich Man by the Beatles 9. Baby Love by the Supremes

Day 4 Part 1, Video mashup 1. Flight of the Conchords are from Wellington NZ 2. Blue Man Group comes from New York City 3. The Vienna Vegetable Orchestra comes from Vienna Austria 4. Stomp comes from Brighton UK Entering Wellington gets us to: Part 2, Puzzle: The first six musicians and their instruments are: Kenny G Saxophone Mischa Maisky Cello Debbi Peterson Drums Little Richard Piano Louis Armstrong Trumpet Lawrence Welk Accordion The clue is: Name the lead guitarist for the Goo Goo Dolls: John Rzeznik

Day 5 Part1: Latitude: Degrees: 41 was the across number for John Kennedy who graduated from Harvard is 1940 Minutes: 31: Bronx was born to Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson on 11/20/08, 11+20 = 31 Seconds: 21: Scooby Doo made 21 appearances in a 1995 Archie Comics comic book series Longitude: Degrees: Guitarist: 7+21+9+20+1+18+9+19+20 = 124 Doll: 4+15+12+12 = 43 124 "“ 43 = 81 Make that negative = -81 Minutes: 21: Same as lat sec: Seconds: 21:Same as lat sec Entering all that into the map gets us to Mayfield Road. Part 2: According to last week's entry from Jason English, now located at 8051 Mayfield Rd Chesterland Oh is the mental floss retail store. The final answer is: The mental floss retail store Thanks, this was another fun one! The rest of the days answers are below. Kris and Ryan Kelly