The Late Movies: Target Women (aka, TV Commercials are Stupid)

Chris Higgins

Sarah Haskins shows ridiculous portrayals of women in TV advertising in her "Target Women" web series for Current TV. It's full of jokes. You should watch it. It's not annoying or preachy. That is all.

You Are Never Safe (Broadview Security)

Not even when you're at home in broad daylight, playing soccer with your kids. "You may call these 'commercials,' but I like to call them 'rape fables.' You can buy an alarm system for only $99.99, or you, and your young, innocent daughter can be assaulted in your own home! Still on the fence? The second keypad is free!"

You're Old (Various Drug Companies)

Haskins turned 30 this week. Science says that women with short blonde hair are at great risk of being super-duper-old when they're 30. Let's all freak out!

Dating Advice (Categorize Your Failures)

"A 'Tinker Bell' is always dating unavailable men. They're either gay, or they're married, or they have a girlfriend, or they're in medical school, or they're in A.A. ..."

Laundry & Stains & Getting High on Gain Laundry Detergent

Warning: this one gets a little nuts in the middle. Not kid-appropriate. But amazing nonetheless.


Haskins actually goes to a Twilight poster-signing event and interviews fans. Scary.


"Hey! Why am I holding all this yogurt? Because I'm a woman, and yogurt is the official food of women."

Tons and Tons and Tons More

Just check out Sarah Haskins's page and click until you're either laughing or sad or both.