When I posted A Sampling of Niche Blogs last month, people responded positively and said they liked finding new blogs on very specific subjects. Well, there is no lack of variety on the internet, so here are some more niche blogs you might enjoy that feature found photographs.

We love our homes, and we love to look at and sometimes laugh at other people's homes. Lovely Listing (pictured) has photos of odd finds in real estate listings. Ugly House Photos not only specializes in ugly house pictures, but they are limited to the Phoenix area. On the other hand, making your home into something special is quite popular. Retro Renovation will help you restore your home to fit right into the past. Save the Pink Bathrooms! is an even more focused offshoot.

In the home category, but deserving of its own photo here is There, I Fixed It. This blog documents those occasions where people use their own wits (or lack of) and whatever is lying around instead of getting professional help with their homes, vehicles, and other possessions.


As people create things and show them off on the internet, they open themselves up for criticism and sometimes downright ridicule, because not everything is a work of art. Crappy Taxidermy and WTF Taxidermy (pictured) both collect examples of poor workmanship, bad planning, or just plain bad taste in the field of wildlife preservation. Regretsy is all about handcrafted items sold in Etsy stores, at least the ones that can be made fun of. The blog Ugliest Tattoos ("The Gallery of Regrets") has no shortage of material. Poorly chosen or rendered tattoos are doubly funny when you consider how long they will last. Some tattoos are NSFW.

Found photos of people are a rich source of content. Be careful what you upload, as your picture may eventually turn up on Hot Chicks with Douchebags. A trend in Facebook and MySpace photos led to the blog Stop Making That Duckface! (pictured). People Talking on Bananas has more user-generated than found photos, but pictures of someone talking on banana is a pretty darn specific subject!

Pale is the New Tan is a blog dedicated to fake tans. It's not just pictures; you get information and opinions, too. The current hottest blog featuring found photos of people is Awkward Family Photos (pictured). Then there's My Parents Were Awesome, a user-generated picture blog that is an antidote to blogs that make fun of people.

Several photo blogs focus on pictures in which someone steps in and ruins the shot, which is called "photobombing."  Three to check out are Random Creepy Guy, This is Photobomb (pictured), and Photo Bombers. All welcome submissions.

Disapproving Rabbits features pictures (and an occasional video) of rabbits looking down their noses at something (which is what rabbits do), along with their disapproving thoughts.

Faces in Places (pictured) features everyday objects and scenes that resembles faces in the human mind. Face Ahoy is another blog specializing in pareidolia, the tendency to see faces and other familiar shapes in places where they aren't intended. Snowflake Fail chronicles the many examples of snowflakes found that violate the rules of how snowflakes are made (as in they don't have eight sides). Image by Flickr user Martin Ujlaki.

The ways people abuse the English language is a rich source of blogging material, no matter how specific you want to get. Apostrophe Abuse and Apostrophe Catastrophes both document signs, headlines, and other instances of the misuse of one particular punctuation mark. The "blog" of "unnecessary" quotation marks does the same for quotes. Lower Case L (pictured) takes a look at the curious tendency to leave an "L" in lower case when the rest of the letters are capitalized. It happens more than you might think! GrammarBlog has a somewhat broader format with example of all of the above, plus the misuse of words such as "your" and "you're".

A post on oddly specific blogs featuring found photos would not be complete without mentioning Oddly Specific, a blog dedicated to signs that could only be useful in oddly specific situations.

Do you think those are enough niche blogs to hold you for a while? This post barely scratches the surface of the list of niche blogs in my files -I haven't even started on the food blogs! Be watching for another installment soon, and keep those suggestions coming in.