The stickman is the world's ubiquitous avatar of danger: he's endured every worst case scenario imaginable, and some you may never have imagined. It seems like every new country I visit has dreamed up new ways of torturing the stickman, and I wanted to share a few I'd found myself and a few I've harvested from the web here.

Beware of tidal waves caused by huge chunks of falling glacier
I ran across this at the edge of the Fox glacier in New Zealand. There were pools of freezing meltwater around, but none that anyone looked like they were about to jump into.

Beware of box jellyfish
I found this at the entrance to beaches across tropical North Queensland in Australia. Box jellyfish season lasts nearly half the year, and pose a major threat to folks dumb enough to stride into the ocean anywhere near a sign like this. Let the stickman take one for the team and stay away!

Do not taunt the octopus
This one seems fake, but it's hilarious anyway. Thanks to Oddly Specific for this and the following few stickmen.

Rotating drive line
This guy's going to need a heating pad after he untangles himself. Anyone know where you might find a sign like this?

Riding with Despair Prohibited
A few years ago a graphic artist named True replaced a bunch of signs in the NYC subway with these "emotional warnings," and they caused quite a stir.

Fragile roof!
"Stay off the roof" might've been even more to the point; is walking on the roof OK the rest of the time?

Sometimes stickman has a good time, though.