The Late Movies: Bizarre Cooking Shows

Ransom Riggs

Postmodern weirdness has finally invaded the last vestige of TV-dom I thought was safe from irony: the tried-and-true cooking show. I don't know how much you'll actually learn about cooking from watching these shows, but they're certainly worth a laugh or two.

Food Party

This show on IFC features lots of weird graphics, a wacky host and lines like "We're gonna make everyone think you have a food budget that rivals Scarface's coke budget!" It's kind of like Tim and Eric meet Yo Gabba Gabba.

Cookin' with Coolio

"We will not be eatin' no bullshit today!" Coolio brazenly declares before freestyle rapping about the game day turkey he'll be preparing. Warning: Coolio is off da hook and somewhat NSFW.

The Huntress: Squirrel Melts

"You've heard of tuna melts or patty melts -- why not squirrel melts?" Before this all-American mom can cook her son a nice after-school snack, though, she's got to get her hands on a squirrel, which she shoots in the backyard.

Cooking with Werner

Actor Will Maier gives an inspired performance as filmmaker Werner Herzog, who cooks a grilled cheese sandwich with a side of ecstatic truth.

Cooking with Dog

An internet cooking show. Don't get the wrong idea: it's a woman who cooks alongside a dog, not using dog as an ingredient.

Mr. T's Flavorwave

Okay, it's not exactly a cooking show -- but it almost makes you want to buy Mr. T's answer to the Foreman grill.