4-Year-Old Urges: "Give a Chance 4 Peace"

Chris Higgins

So my friend T'chaka was visiting his sister and his four-year-old niece, Aurora, last December. Aurora began a stream-of-consciousness rant about the need for more peace in the world. Well, rant is maybe too strong a word -- it's more a complex set of observations about world history, politics, peace, money, and bedtime, as seen by a four-year-old. T'chaka captured Aurora's message on his phone, turning it into a song by singing along and playing improvised guitar. In the year since, T'chaka created an animated film to go along with the song. Check it out below.

Representative lyrics: "You're hurting the dirt / you're hurting the rain / you're hurting crabs / you're hurting crowds / you're hurting the whole wide world. ... Give a piece! A chance for peace, vote for Barack Obama...."

Give a Chance 4 Peace (8mins) from T'chaka Sikelianos on Vimeo.