3 Unusual Twitter accounts worth following


1. @Cookbook

Maureen Evans is a 27-year-old from British Columbia who's studying for a master's in creative writing at Queen's University Belfast. But her 18,231 followers don't know that"¦ at least not most of them. To them, she's @Cookbook, and she's dropping recipes on them, 140 characters at a time. Here are a couple recent ones as examples:

Fettucine Alfredo: boil 16oz(pref fresh) fettucine to aldente. Boil 3⁄4c pasta h₂o/1⁄2c buttr; toss well+pasta/3c parm until creamy. Srv w pep.

Irene's Borsch: brwn onion&garlc/2T buttr; +c beet&tom&stock. Simmr40m; +c tater&carrot&cabbage/3c stock20m; +3T rdvingr&dill. Top w sr crm.

2. @Twaggies

Okay, shameless self-promotion now. Here's one that will help you pass time when you're bored at work: If you've seen some quizzes on this site by @Yaelbt, you can thank me. Well, you can thank her first, and Jason English second, because he hired her, but also me because I started following her on Twitter after she followed me and found her tweets to be some of the funniest in the Twittersphere. Eventually we figured out we worked across the street from one another (weird, right?), and immediately knew some fun Twitter-based Web site was in our future. That's how Twaggies was born.

Read a funny tweet lately? Or maybe Tweeted one out that your followers RT-ed because they thought it was hilarious? Send it to us here.

If we like it, we'll Twagg you. Because, hey, everyone loves a visual, right?

3. @TweetMyJobs

This cool concept connects employers and job seekers instantly using Twitter. Employers can post a job on one of 4,500+ Job Channels, which are location/industry specific, and a notification of the job will instantly be delivered to a job seeker via Twitter. In this economy, there can never be too many avenues for finding work. So if you're looking, follow them now.

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