Raw Eggs: Delicious & Nutritious?

Jill Harness

Americans have been told their whole lives to avoid eating raw eggs for fear of salmonella poisoning, but in many other countries (including Japan), raw eggs are a common treat. Boing Boing's Lisa Katayama explores this strange contradiction in her recent taste test of raw eggs.

Lisa has enjoyed plenty of raw eggs in Japan, but as soon as she hits California and finds the cartons with safe handling instructions, she immediately has reverted to eating scrambled eggs. Curious, she did a bit of investigating. As it turns out, your chance of contracting salmonella from a raw egg is only 1 in 20,000. So if you'd like to take the risk, try tamago kake gohan, a traditional Japanese dish with a raw egg in rice with a dash of soy sauce.

[Image courtesy of gep's Flickr stream.]