The Late Movies: Tricking Your Brain

Mark Arminio

Our brains are fascinating things. They allow us to reason and conceptualize, think and articulate. Yet for all their wonders, our brains are amazingly susceptible to being, well, tricked. Tonight for the Late Movies, here are a few examples of our minds being fooled.

Sure you may miss the little things, but how about this? 75% of people in a study didn't realize that after someone ducked down behind a counter, a different person with a different shirt popped up.

Edgar Mülle is a street artist who designs large scale 3D drawings. This once, called The Crevass, is an amazing optical illusion.

Have some spare Glycerin (and who doesn't)? Then you can make a bottle disappear into nothingness.

Our brains aren't much better with shade differentiation. What color are the different diamonds?

Finally, ever wonder why the food on TV looks so incredibly appetizing yet doesn't live up to the hype in person? That's due to a food make-up artist, a person with the sole job of convincing your brain a greasy burger and soggy fries are akin to ambrosia (the food of the gods, not the Jell-O with the grapes in it).

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