The Late Movies: Submit to the Cuteness


Some people complain about how much internet bandwidth is consumed by inane videos of kittens, puppies, panda bears and babies doing adorable things. But I think even the Scroogiest of hearts can be melted by the right kitten or puppy, and I have to admit to being charmed by them from time to time myself. So in the spirit of the holidays, I'm giving in to the crushing tide of cuteness for this week's Late Movies post. Submit!

Surprised Kitty
This kitty's name is Attila the Hun, and he's got some cute antics to melt your heart. 11 million viewers agree!

Cute White Lion Cubs
You can feed 'em by hand! Awwww.

Sneezing baby panda is one of the most-viewed videos on YouTube, at a staggering 46 million views. Give it a few extra, you won't be sorry.

This whistling puppy is pretty adorable, too.

Did you know that ducks can snore?

Also, apparently hamsters have intense dreams.

This baby has a super weird laugh.

Otters in love. Count the awws from the audience!