The Late Movies: Bloopers A-Plenty

Chris Higgins

Everybody loves a goof-up on TV or in a movie. Here are a collection of the blooperiest bloopers I could bloop up on on the interbloop!

Star Wars Bloopers

Jawas helping R2D2 move, stuntmen handing new guns to Han Solo mid-fight, Darth Vader mis-catching guns summoned by mind control, the Emperor's hood falls off at an inopportune time, the director yelling at Jabba to "own it," and "Search your feelings, father, I know you...I...forgot my lines...."

"Men in Black" Blooper Reel

Will Smith seems like a genuinely nice guy. It's hard not to laugh along with the extended segment that starts in the middle, in a car with a woman in the back seat. "Stop saying 'Action' so funny! Be serious!" Tommy Lee Jones implores.

"Lord of the Rings" Blooper Reel

Gandalf on hasty fortifications of a door by Legolas: "What is this? What good is this?? Typical elf work." Also, Sam Gamgee tries to get his closeup.

Star Trek (Original Series) Bloopers

There seems to be a lot of walking into walls going on in the Enterprise.

Star Trek (2009 Movie) Gag Reel

It takes a while to get going, but it's worth it. JJ Abrams: "While it will feel ridiculous, it will look awesome."

TV Bloopers Collection 1

TV news, animals doing naughty things, unintentional double entendres, and my favorite: a TV camera gone evil (about 2/3 of the way through) which appears to be attacking some sports anchors.

TV Bloopers Collection 2

Primarily featuring game shows, this collection also includes simple "inappropriate humor" (which according to international blooping authorities still counts as a blooper, as long as it's of a slightly sexual nature).

"Now You're Really Going to Scream, Barbara"

A TV anchor attempts to help a student show off her version the painting The Scream but ends up smashing it. Oh my.

"Taxi" TV Bloopers

Awesome 70's bloopers.

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