Update: The North Face v. The South Butt

Rob Lammle

Many of you commented last week on our story about David & Goliath trademark disputes, so I thought it might be a good idea to update you on the status of one of those stories: The North Face v. The South Butt.

Previously, The North Face had only threatened to sue The South Butt, but now it's official. Last week, mere days after the story ran here, The North Face filed a trademark infringement suit against college student Jimmy Winkelmann and his parody clothing line. The North Face is claiming that The South Butt's products and logo are too similar to their own, which could cause confusion among consumers.

But Winkelmann and his lawyer, Albert Watkins, are not going down without a fight. Here's an interview with Watkins by St. Louis news source KMOV -- Channel 4:

What do you think? Does Jimmy have a chance, or is it time to give up?